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Your Guide To A Smashing Night Out In Seoul

Prachi and I are always are on the hunt for new things to try and places to explore in Seoul. Including new places for a night out. We’ve tried pub crawls, events, parties and sometimes it ends up being lame, sometimes its a blast. Will we get the most unforgettable night ever or end up crying in a bathroom of an empty bowling alley? It’s a toss up really.

who knows idk GIF

But when we can put that FOMO in the backseat to have an absolute foolproof good old fashioned girls night out here’s what we do. We’ve narrowed it down to a science. A real statistical science!

It’s super basic and super foreign but we always, always, always have a great time. I mean less is more right? Right???

1. Makeup and pre-game

One of the main (if not only) reasons to go out is the makeup session/pre-gaming. We like to be risky and combine both.

(minus the inevitable freak out that one of you will have once you start trying out outfits and realize you shouldn’t have eaten that entire baguette last week and the week before that and the week before that.)


Here we have Prachi with ample space and six different appliances due to the lack of space in Korean households.

2. Thursday Party

STICK WITH ME. I SWEAR I’LL EXPLAIN. Long time expats in Korea generally loathe this place and I totally understand why.

It’s absolutely brimming with army boys, vagrants, creepy Korean dudes and just big ol’ assholes. If that’s not bad enough, the actual bar itself is extremely hard to get to. Once you somehow get your drinks you have to delicately try not to spill them while fighting your way past the Dothraki hoard of linebackers to get back out.

However, the music is pretty decent with Western & Korean bops and drinks are not badly priced ($6 for a Long Island). Mostly it really sucks though.

But for some reason we’re always pulled back here by some invisible force. I think because we’ve lived here so long we just crave being around other foreigners. All the big beef-steak guys and people from different cultures feels welcoming, even though most of them are big boring bozos.

big brother GIF by Big Brother After Dark-downsized.gif

If we haven’t sold you on meatfest-topia,  stay tuned for a post on our favorite Thursday Party drinking games

Find the meathead lair!

(But beware, there are TWO Thursday Parties in Hongdae. You want the one with people loitering on the balcony right across from the playground. The other one is whack.)

3. Monster Pizza

After a few drinks and fun games we’re exhausted from the bizarre smelling air and zero personal space in TP. We head to the best drunk food in Seoul. There are, of course tons of great drunk foods but this ranks No.1 in all categories for taste, simplicity, price, service time, alcohol absorbing powers and ability to sneak into a club.


At $3-$4 a slice, thin crust and no-sweet potato, you can’t beat it. They have real parm and chili flakes to douse that pizza in and then complain about how you added too much. I highly recommend the spice girls pizza, 5 finger licks out of 5.

Just trust me and go try it, here. It’s pizza, it can’t be that bad. AND it’ll fuel you up for Step 4 in the Hit Smash Saturday Seoul Night Out Tour with Two Penniless Dingdongs.

4. Mikes Cabin

This place is what ties everything together. This is the Atlantis of clubs. The royal residence of good times. The long lost city of El Dorado for good clubbing.

I have literally NEVER had a bad night here. In fact, if I AM having a bad night, I just go here and everything will be completely turned around in one swift entry fee of $10. It’s perfect for those nights you need to dance dance dance and don’t want to go through the hassle to walk around a 4 story jam-packed EDM blasting sausage fest. (I’m looking at you, NB2)

Located in a basement, small and always filled with people but never shoulder to shoulder this place is wicked fun. They play everything. Throwback dance songs, smash hits, hip hop, YMCA, anything and everything but always bangers.

Also props to them for not doing that thing that a lot of clubs do where they finally play the song you’ve been craving and then shut it off after 10 seconds. What’s with that?

It’s nothing fancy, just a basement party full of people having a blast. It stays open until 5:30 AM so all your late night dancing dreams can come true.

dance dancing GIF

Go have the best clubbing of your entire young little life now

5. Monster Pizza: round 2! (optional but highly recommended)

Go again because why not? Are you going to save that $4?

We’ve finally learned through much trial and error that the party is us and a good time will find its way here. As long as you don’t expect much, have a good time with your own friends the party will come to you.




Get down and pin it!



Have any party horror stories, favorite places in Seoul or ideas on how to cure FOMO? Let us know in the comments below or email us at alieneatingblog@gmail.com !


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