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So one of the main reasons we came to Thailand was for the street food. And also the cheap-ness of everything because STUDENT LOANS BABY. So anyway, I tried to document all the food which is hard considering I wanted to inhale everything as soon as I got my greasy paws on it.

I’ve given myself the vital task rating all the yummy little foods on three scales. Taste, experience and BM (bowel movement) scale.

Please enjoy my very professional review and mediocre photo edits!

(I’ve tried my best to title the foods and link the locations of the places but half the time I don’t know where I am or what I’m eating. Some foods have titles, some don’t. You’re welcome.)

Let’s get into it boys!


#1 & #2

Tom Yum Goong:

literally the only good photo I’ve ever taken

Taste: 10/10 oily, spicy, sour, a soft boiled egg and dumplings all singing in harmony like a church choir on Christmas Eve. Phenomenal, top 3 Bangkok foods. Zero complaints.

Experience: 6/10 (+) amazing food, (-) foreigner asking annoying foreigner questions ruining the vibe.

BM scale: 3/10 good day, normal


Some Omelette:

Attachment-1 (12)
back to weird photos

Taste: 8/10 soft omelette with ham and rice. Pretty standard. I love eggs.

Experience: 6/10 (+) amazing food, (-) foreigner asking annoying foreigner questions ruining the vibe

BM scale: 3/10 normal

P’Aor (ร้านพี่อ้อ)

Address: 68/51 Soi Phetchaburi 5, Khwaeng Thung Phaya Thai, Khet Ratchathewi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400, Thailand

Hours: 10am -9pm, closed on Mondays



Taste: 7/10 (+) hot & zingy, about 13 different unidentifiable flavors, (-) lots of full chilis, (-) molded rice

Experience: 9/10 (+) we watched Thai dramas while eating, (+) entire restaurant involved

BM scale: 4/10 looks bad, not bad


Leo Beer

Attachment-1 (5)

Taste: 4/10 better than Cass, still worse than most

Experience: 7/10 (+) thai drama but (- ) ice in beer?

BM scale: 2/10, didn’t drink enough

I couldn’t find the name or address of this place but its right across the street from P’aor on Soi Petchaburi 5. It has bar seating outside with thousands of bottlecaps glued to the bar making it difficult to place drinks down. Otherwise a good time.


Crispy coconut ball:

Attachment-1 (9)

Taste: 9/10 (+) sweet coconut nectar inside crispy ball, (-1) for green onions?

Experience: 9/10, (-) squirted hot coconut cream all over shirt and shoes, (+) very fun and hilarious

BM scale: 1/10 almost to no effect on regular poops

Again, Soi Petchaburi 5. Just a food stall non the same street as P’Aor we stumbled upon. You’ll be able to smell it.

#6 & #7


Attachment-1 (3)

Taste: 8/10 (+) zingy and sour, very fun noodles

Experience: 6/10 (-) came for crab, out of crab. (+) Good sewer view, drinks had crushed ice

BM scale: 2/10 a good break

Attachment-1 (2)

Taste: 8/10 (+) soft boiled shrimp in eggs. I love eggs.

Experience: 6/10 (-) came for crab, out of crab. (+) Good sewer view, drinks still had crushed ice

BM scale: 2/10 again not bad

Attachment-1 (10)
Note the crushed ice
Attachment-1 (11)
Good sewer view

Nhong Rim Klong (ร้าน หน่องริมคลอง)

Price: USD $1.50-$7 / 40-200 Baht
Address: 30 Ekkamai 21 Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea, Bangkok 10110.
Contact: 086-044-9478
Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 8.30am to 4.30pm.


Sadness (aka grilled muscles with cheese)

Attachment-1 (7)

Taste: 5/10 (-) sliced cheese, mediocre, (-) waited 2 hours, (+) can’t really go wrong with grilled mussles

Experience: 2/10 (-) waited 2 hours, then was told no scallops after we ordered them already, only got these. Mediocre at best, made me sad. (+2) for cool guy cooking

BM scale: N/A didn’t pay attention, forgot about these almost instantly

Attachment-1 (8)
Scallops not available as shown


Duck noodles

Attachment-1 (7)
I accidentally edited too much but then saved it over the original and can’t go back now so just deal with it

Taste: 9/10 (+) firm noodles, soft duck, good rich flavor

Experience: 7/10 (+) food stall, (+) rude lady but in a cool way, (-) stole my condiments

BM scale: 3/10 normal

#10 & #11


Taste: 6/10 (+) meat sandwich, (-) cold

Experience: 4/10 (+) pretty mall, (-) inside a mall, don’t really like eating inside or parsley sprigs

BM scale: 3/10 normal


Taste: 5/10 (+) good supple texture, (-) too sweet. (+) I still like eggs.

Experience: (+) pretty mall, (-) inside a mall, don’t really like eating inside or parsley sprigs

BM scale: 3/10 no noticeable difference

Siam Paragon

It’s in the food court somewhere but honestly I forgot where or what it’s called. But the meat sandwiches are sitting on a display in the front looking very nice and supple.

Address: สยามพารากอน 991 Rama I Rd, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand
Hours: 10am – 10PM
Phone: +66 2 610 8000

#12 & #13


Taste: 9/10 (+) shack style thai food, no idea what it was. But there was eggs. Oily, fluffy eggs, spicy curry and rice

Experience: 9/10 (+) wonderful lady, unreadable menu; dirty pans; dirty water and firey shits. Amazing.  Went back twice.

Shit level: 15/10 bunghole burning, better have a book ready for the toilet type of poops. I mean fire down below, thunder down under toilet time. Don’t make plans for the day.


Shack restaurant right across our hostel called Phobphanhostel.

Attachment-1 (8)

Taste: 9/10 (+) mild in spice but full of flavor, like a Thai chicken noodle soup. Mega relaxing to eat, I wanted to be sick just so I could eat this and feel better.

Experience: 9/10 second time here, (+) same wonderful lady, same unreadable menu; same dirty pans; same dirty water but no firey shits. Still amazing.

BM scale: 2/10 a relief

“uh the third one?” “yeah 60/70 is good odds.”


Welp! That’s it for now, my fingers are tired of editing pictures incorrectly and hitting the underline button (A Prachi insert: she doesn’t even know how) so many times. Hope you enjoyed reading and hearing about my travelers poops!

Basically, Morgan handed off the job to me (Prachi- who else) while lounging, drinking my coffee and saying “Uhg…finish it for me little Pumpkin Fritter”.

Tune in next time for:

Snacking in Korea…will it be sweet? Or will it be sweet?

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Whats your favorite food to have while traveling or from your hometown? Let us know in the comments below or email us at! 


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