Travel duo extraordinaires!

A not surprisingly loud American and an (also not surprisingly) overly nice Canadian join forces to take over South Korea.

Passionate about always having a good time (and never a bad time) and sharing it with others. Trekking around the world can be hectic almost 100% of the time, at all times always. We believe that even the worst crisis can be flipped around with a positive perspective and a yummy joke.

So please come along with us as we travel, eat, treat and laugh along at all the misfortune we get ourselves into 7/7 days of the week!

Prachi Mohile

Co-founder, grammar checker, and do-er of all things technology.  I complete all of Morgan’s half-finished projects and organize everything. She saves everything to the desktop. Does that sum it up? Also, I love science.

Quick Facts:

Nationality: Brown-Canadian

Height: Tall shrub

Weight: Tiny rhino

Skills: Mom-ing, pining over stationary, poorly reading maps, finding the cutest lads in the room, taking off contacts while drunk

Languages: Loud English, Loud Marathi, Loud French, Loud Hindi and Loud Bad Korean

Pictured: Dosa, a warm and crispy bread cracker. I chugged the sambal like I chug my margaritas; quickly and sloppily.

Morgan Gibbs

Hailing from Kansas, a corn-dog lover, and retired line cook. Now self appointed creative director of my own blog. This place would be filled with millions of stupid puns if it wasn’t for me. However, without Prachi the blog would be scribbled on a crumpled up receipt at the bottom of my backpack. So it’s a perfect match!

Quick Facts:

Nationality: American mutt

Height: a poor-mans Zooey Deschanel

Weight: Bean burrito

Skills: packing like a blind rat, rock balancing, offering to cook but only eggs,  pretending to listen, catching

Languages: American, southern American and American style Korean

Pictured: Cheese Toast. Me trying to take a sweet Instagram-foodie pic of the cheese pull. Not easy. Not fun. Just wanted to eat my toast.
6/10 (+) Good toast (-) sweet cheese.



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