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Booze Cruise from Hell

To start off this series right, I should really explain something first. Morgan and I live in a constant state of FOMO.

It’s the kind of FOMO that ends up with us spending $50 looking for the right kind of Bingsu, a shaved ice dessert in Korea. It’s the kind of FOMO that ends up with us buying four bubble teas because we didn’t get the tapioca balls the first time. It’s the kind of FOMO that ends up with us travelling four hours to Seoul for a mediocre, cold, soggy, Thanksgiving dinner sans turkey stuffing.

But… who wants to end the night with whack cheese bingsu or drink bubble tea without tapioca balls?! All I wanted was a bowl of chocolate-y Bingsu goodness and I really only drink bubble tea for the tapioca balls. Also, it was Thanksgiving and excuse me, I need my turkey stuffing.

To get on with the actual story, last Halloween Morgan and I went on a Booze Cruise in Seoul. We thought it was going to be this grand event with tons of people and almighty lads. We’d hyped it up to be this ultimate college frat party with boys chanting Alpha-Phi-Omega (or whatever it is that frat boys do) while ripping off their shirts.

drinking beer GIF by Dude Bro Party Massacre III-downsized.gif

But when we got there we saw 1) no lads 2) no people and 3) no frat party. Those are my three requirements for a party! Cute boys, an obnoxious amount of people, and an actual party.

But instead, all we saw was 1) beautiful girls in sexy costumes and 2) two people that looked like a gay pants-less hobo couple (i.e. us) trying to look like frat boys to fit into the FRAT PARTY WE WERE EXPECTING.


I mean we’d come prepared and committed to being frat boys for the night. We even brought tape with us to make a wizard staff throughout the night! Tape! I mean we still made the wizard staff (out of plastic cups because they confiscated our can-staff). On the downside, it eventually ended up being everyone’s cup disposal. Excuse me, I know I’m garbage but I’m my own garbage thank you very much. Not yours.

We tried really, really hard to have a good time but we were about ready to jump into the water to find a party with the sea creatures. As usual, our FOMO would not let us stop trying to find a party! Even if it meant swimming with creepy merpeople.

The good thing is, I finally found a stage to dance on! And if there’s one thing my friends know, it’s that I love dancing on stages… or speakers – any above ground surface really.

FINALLY, Morgan and I were having a fire time. At one point, we even decided to tie our ties around our foreheads. That’s what frat boys do right? We’d decided to really channel our inner frat boys that night. Wizard staffs, keg stands, backwards hats and all. Gotta grab that opportunity when it presents itself y’know? Okay we didn’t really do a keg stand – the party was too lame to have any kegs.

Sup bois?

This is still one of the funniest things we’ve ever done because to this day I laugh like a hyena when I scroll past this picture on my phone. I mean, we looked like absolute buffoons compared to all the girls looking like snacks attacks!

In any case, even though the actual Booze Cruise event was a flop, every time I look at the pictures I’m taken back to this night. If anything, laughing about these outfits made the entire night worth it to me because at least we had a good time. I mean we did not stop laughing all night. We couldn’t believe how we thought everyone was going to wear actual creative costumes and it was just sexy girls and guys wearing a greeting sticker saying “Hi I’m Dad”. But we thought we were hilarious. And that’s my overall goal in life – having a good time always.



Have you ever gone to an event thinking it was one thing but it ended up being something else altogether? Let me know in the comments! Help me feel better about my FOMO please!?

Peace out. Prachi out.

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