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Cure Crusty Flight Syndrome with These 6 Fresh Tips!

Long-haul flights usually leave me feeling like a crispy cracker that’s been left out in the sun for ten hours too long. Thankfully, I’ve learned some tricks to make life a little bit more bearable during a long-haul flight. What a complaint right? Lucky enough to travel and here I am complaining about being a migratory saltine.

Since I’m such a generous and kind human being, I’ll drop a knowledge-bomb of flight advice. There’s nothing worse than feeling like an old shoe during an 18-hour flight when your personal space is about the size of a cereal box.

I’m talking those small, mini cereal boxes that come in a variety 6-pack. What did you think you bought? A first-class ticket to a Costco-sized cereal box of personal space? As if!

1. Blankets. Blankets. You guessed it. More blankets!

I swear those rags, that airlines lovingly like to call blankets, are the absolute worst. What could go wrong with a flimsy candy wrapper of a blanket!?

You’re totally going to be warm with only a sixteenth of your body covered. So cozy I swear you’ll even contemplate stealing it.


Not really.

A long-haul flight is an exclusive BYOB (Bring Your Own Blanket) event. Preferably something small and fuzzy. There’s nothing like doubling up on a candy wrapper and fuzzy blanket to keep you warm.

If you know anything about me, which you don’t, you’ll know that I love multi-purpose things. And a blanket in your carry-on is definitely on my list of “All Things That Are Multi-purpose”

Airport picnic blanket? Check.

Pillow? Check.

Hiding spot? Check.

Cape? Check.

2. Re-hydration Guru

Bring an empty thermos or water bottle with you. Then, abuse the damn system and ask the flight attendants to fill it up with water.

I love carrying tea bags too because it’s refreshing, doesn’t give you a sugar high, and leaves you with a warm, cozy feeling.

If tea isn’t your thing, bring hot chocolate and instant coffee! Or paint thinner. Whatever floats your rehydration boat – you should probably skip the paint thinner though.

But don’t try to sneak in some whiskey in that empty bottle, thanks. That’s what the high-quality, free airplane wine is for.

3. Spotted! A Fresh-Faced Queen

When you get off the plane do you really want to look like a raggedy cat? Or do you want to look like an exquisite Elf from Elrond?

Bring your skincare. I should have a fat megaphone to say this out loud – BRING. YOUR. SKINCARE. Otherwise, your skin’s going to look like a Megadeath concert in action.

I swear a cool sheet mask, a clean face, and minty breath on the plane is a Godsend, even though I look like a hobgoblin while doing it.

My number one tip though is to bring a face spray, whether it be water, rose water, tea tree oil, or wiper fluid. It’s refreshing, cooling, moisturizing, and a fun activity packaged in one, small convenient bottle. Spritz your face every hour or so and you’ll never regret it.

Just try it once. DO IT. If you don’t like it, I’ll give you a free pair of crocs – jibbitz included.

Face mask session on our flight to Thailand
Hobgoblin sighting.
4. Walk Down the Aisle

But not that kind of walk. Gross. The only person standing on the other end of the aisle should be a pilot in the cockpit.

I mean literally walk down the aisle every hour or so to get that blood a’ flowin’. Trust me on this. Otherwise, you’ll be walking off the plane looking like Big Foot. Swollen feet and tingly toes included.

One time I didn’t go for a plane-garden stroll and my feet were very, very angry. They felt like hot air balloons for two whole weeks. My shoes didn’t fit and I couldn’t walk without feeling like an anthill had sprouted on my feet.

5. Alert: Incoming UTI

Please go pee. Seriously.

Why did you pay $3000 for a painful UTI…? Just go pee.

Don’t feel bad about pushing past those people in the dumb aisle seat. I used to hate doing this before realizing that they chose to sit there. If they don’t like me asking them to get up over and over again, they should’ve picked a different seat.

So save your bladder and go pee!

6. Your feet should look like mothballs.

Warm, fuzzy socks or slippers for the flight are a must!

There are so many reasons to have them in a carry-on. They barely take up any space and keep you warm and cozy! You won’t touch the grimy plane floor this way and you’ll even be making a chic fashion statement.

Everyone will be staring and wondering where they can snag some fuzzy hot pink zebra striped socks.

There you have it. My favourite things to carry with me on a long-haul flight. You’ll leave the airport feeling like a freshly baked loaf of bread instead of a two-week-old crispy, moldy baguette – 100% satisfaction guaranteed. So take this new knowledge, spread your wings, and don’t fall victim to PFCD (Post Flight Crust Disorder) on your next obnoxiously long flight abroad.

Peace out. Prachi out.

Cure Crusty Flight Syndrome with these 6 Fresh Tips


What do you do to make sure your long-haul flight is as comfortable as it can be? Or do you love feeling like a gremlin the entire time? Let me know in the comments or email me at! 


  • Teja

    I guess one of the advantages of being a petite Asian size is that it is possible to curl up under the airplane blanket and sort of within the airplane seat. Sure, you get a crick in the neck unless you wake and change position every 4 hours or so, but at least it’s doable!

  • Neve Smith

    These tips are so perfect for me right now as at the end of the month i’m about to embark on a massive long haul flight! Great post!!

    Neve x |

  • Marya

    why do you like carrying tea bags during the long haul flights when clearly you could totally abuse your privilege as a passenger and ask for some tea bags in-flight? more often than not, they’ve got some decent tea brands like twinning if you fly with some full-service airlines. otherwise, yessss… definitely BYOT (bring your own teabag) moment as well.

    also, speaking as a former flight attendant myself, try to avoid ask for hot water on-flight. if possible, bring your own hot water in the thermos unless the flight attendant didn’t mind to place some mineral water in the oven for a bit so they can get warm. the tap water in the aircraft is kind of yucky. 😛

    • alieneating

      Lol I already feel like such an entitled brat asking for hot water every 20 minutes that I just started bringing my own. Although I guess, I should just go for it. I’m always so worried about annoying the flight attendants haha. That’s so good to know!! I’ll definitely be keeping that in mind for my short flights. I go through so much water though, trying to keep my self hydrated, that I’d have to bring three liters of water lol

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